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Web Appendix to accompany Amanda Driscoll and Michael J. Nelson, "The 2011 Judicial Elections in Bolivia" and "The Political Origins of Judicial Elections: Evidence from the United States and Bolivia"

This appendix offers additional information about the 2011 Bolivian judicial elections to supplement the discussion in the papers.

Candidate Profiles

Prior to the October 16th, 2011 judicial elections, the Bolivian Electoral Court (Órgano Electoral Plurinacional) published and disseminated biographical and professional profiles of each of the judicial candidates. The main objective of the profiles was to educate voters in regards to candidate experience and merits, while ensuring equal publicity and exposure to all candidates.

The links below provide examples of those profiles:

Constitutional Text

The provisions of the constitutional text that discuss judicial elections changed between its initial approval by the Constitutional Assembly on December 9, 2007 and its eventual ratification in 2009. This document provides more information on the textual evolution of the constitutional provision.

Example Ballots

Before the election, the Bolivian Electoral Court (Órgano Electoral Plurinacional) released sample ballots to educate voters. Example ballots contained pictures of each candidate, the number by which they could be identified, and their location on the actual ballot. Below, find examples of the judicial ballot in each Bolivian department:

Election Results

Complete election results can be found here.

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